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Salsa Dancing in Montreal


I normally hate bars, but at Salsafolie I found myself drenched in sweat, dancing like mad to the latin music, and having a great time. And if (and WHEN) you need a break, there are TONS of amazing dancers to watch. Some teach. Some compete. But they all dance in sexy, surprising, and original ways. Dips, lifts, and some very sexual moves make for much entertainment. It's definately not an event to go and get drunk. If you're here, you're here to dance.

This wonderful event that is held outdoors on the quay of the Old Port until Sept 24th, then indoors at Triplex in the Pepsi Forum for the colder months. Although I'd like to know who ISN'T a professional dancer (yes, they're THAT good), there are beginner lessons included in the $5 cover fee. The event runs from 4pm to Midnight.


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