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Moon Festival in Montreal China Town

Celebrate Moon Festival Season

This fall Chinatown presents us with a great mission… to find the best of the legendary moon cakes in order to properly celebrate the Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival on October 6 th. These tasty, round little cakes have many uses, including sending secret messages describing how to attack your enemies. (See legends below.) Since they are so labour intensive to make, most Chinese people buy them from bakeries... and Chinatown has a great many bakeries, including ones that sell moon cakes from Hong Kong ($36/box). There may be entertainment related to this festival. As information becomes available, we will post it.

Other Chinatown Favorites:

  • Pork buns at Chow’s Pastry Shop ($0.70 each)
  • Exploring the stores and maybe buying some dried foods or medicines
  • Bubble Tea at one of the numerous cafés. These fruity drinks are super tasty and are served in colourful settings. (Approx. $5.50 for a large tea with bubbles)
  • Dragon’s Beard Candy ($0.75 each). A treat that was served to the imperial court in ancient China – 2000 years ago. You must eat the 8000 fine strands of soft sugar covering the roasted nuts within 30-60 minutes of its production. This means only a few lucky North Americans have ever tried it.
  • Trying some exotic fruits such as lungan (dragon eyes) or hairy lychees (rambutan) from the fruit markets.
  • Have your fortune read!!!!! See Fortune Tellers.

Moon Festival Legends

Pictures from Montreal's China Town

Try the pork buns at Chow’s Pastry Shop

Check out the unique stores and products.

Drink Bubble Tea!

Be one of the few that have tried Dragon’s Beard Candy

Moon cakes

Try some exotic food

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