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Local Markets in Montreal

Jean-Talon & Atwater Local Montreal Markets

Fall is harvest time, so why not head out to a local market? It may not sound like a traditional date, but with succulent fruits and gourmet delicacies to try out it can be a feast for all of your senses. Certainly, the sight of all that food is great at getting my husband’s heart racing...

The two giant markets in Montreal are Atwater and Jean-Talon. I prefer Jean-Talon because it’s cheaper and much bigger.

Jean Talon

Jean Talon is a huge market surrounded by Little Italy. There are lots of specialty shops with cheese, pates, cookbooks, spices, meats, sauces, and much MUCH more surrounding it. You don’t even have to go to one of the beautiful Italian restaurants to eat. The market has plenty of stalls selling everything from spicy sausage sandwiches ($3) to piping hot corn on the cob ($0.75) to fresh fruit juice ($1). You can taste a lot of the fruit before you buy. There are also more permanent booths featuring gourmet foods such as sugar pies, Moroccan teas/pastries, huge cappuccinos and French crepes. Another permanent feature is “Le Marche des Saveurs du Quebec”. This beautiful store features Quebec delicacies such as cheeses, meats, and spreads. You can pick up some fresh groceries and make a gourmet meal together. Or just sample this market’s many delights.


Atwater has a cool ice cream shop overlooking the canal. It has specialty shops where you can get meats, cheeses and fresh baked breads. Another nice feature is that it is on the Lachine Canal bike paths. There is a place to rent kayaks right across the bridge from the market. Kayaking on the Lachine Canal

For more info on Montreal market see: Montreal Markets

Pictures from Jean-Talon

Above: Moroccan treats!

Above: Get fresh corn on the cob for only $0.75

Above: A store that specializes in Quebec products

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