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Get your fortune read in Montreal's China Town

An Ancient Chinese Reading

For a truly different experience, ask for Tom Mon Gee in China Town. Chances are he will be sitting on a bench in the patio of a huge bakery. In front of him is a poster proclaiming his 50 years of experience as a fortune teller. He sits with a “100 year old” book and a container full of paper amulets. Behind him is a certificate announcing him as one of the top ten fortune tellers in the world. He has a picture of him reading the fortune of Montreal’s chief of police and numerous articles that he has been featured in.

The following is my husband’s experience, as described and photographed by me. After paying his $20, Tom Mon pressed on his head. “Hard as a coconut” he proclaims, “good bones”. Asking his birth year, Tom Mon consults his worn, century-old book and begins writing my husband’s fortune on a paper. He brings in the birth year elements before switching to palm reading. “Face white like an Eskimo with hands like Chinese – circulation not good”, he declares. “But you do what I say and you will live 80-100 years.” He then advises about foods and stands up to demonstrate some exercises for the circulation. “People call me superman because I’m so healthy. My wife calls me superman because I am a good lover” he tells us while shaking his legs. After this, he finishes his notes and selects an amulet for my husband and, to be generous, myself. He began waving this around. “If someone tries to hurt you, you do this”, he tells us. “Even George Bush will be afraid of you.” He then folds these into three points and tells us to keep it in our wallets. The written fortune is to be kept for 7 years.

Overall, the experience would make for a very unique date. It’s interesting culturally and provides quite a detailed reading. Plus Tom Mon is funny and gives great advice. So if you want a true experience, then visit him and learn about more than just your future.

Pictures of our Chinese Fortune Teller in Montreal China Town

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